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Illusion of Imperfection

The sea doesn’t say,

I wish my water was not so salty

The river doesn’t say,

I wish I was bigger than the sea

The lake doesn’t say,

I wish I was deeper than the river

The trees don’t complain,

I wish I was taller or greener or stronger

The grass doesn’t cry,

I wish people don’t trample me under their feet

The hills don’t say,

If only we were as tall as the mountains…

They each accept themselves for who they are;

They each follow the laws of nature without question;

They each are aware of their purpose,

And they each coexist;

And in doing so they each are perfect!

Nature teaches us acceptance in everything.

It celebrates perfection in every creation.

It doesn’t discriminate based on size, appearance, strength or colour.

Why then as humans we tend to always find faults in ourselves?

In the way we look, the way we speak, in the way we dress?

Why then as humans we have a tendency to judge or discriminate those who may be different from us?

It’s time we humans start accepting ourselves and all others for who we are. After all we are also part of the same natural ecosystem which is perfect in its glorious essence. And by virtue of that we all are perfect just as we are now! It’s time to say goodbye to our “illusion of imperfection”.

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