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Who Am I?

The Ancient Masters and the Spiritual Gurus have pondered over this question over millennia. And most enlightened souls have averred that — we are not our body, we are not our mind, we are not our emotions, we are not our thoughts, we are not our experiences and we are not our memories.

It begs the question then — if we are none of the above, then who are we really? If every single of our personal identity marker is stripped away, then what is it that defines us? Therein lies the Truth, if we are willing to see it — not from the lens of logic but from the perspective of our essential “knowing being” that is infinitely bigger than our ego-identity self.

If everything that we identify ourselves with in this three-dimensional reality is taken away, what is left is only ‘this moment’ - this generous present eternal moment! That’s all we have ever really lived in — not in our predetermined past or our projected future. And if all we have ever lived in is this eternal present moment, than all we are is a ‘possibility’ in each of these moments. — a possibility which is pregnant with the potential to give birth to an infinite number of future realities in what some call “the field of all possibilities”.

We are then the creator of our own experiences and therefore our own lives. Indeed, this is our only purpose that we are meant to fulfil in this physical dimension - to master our creative potential wherein we are both — the one who create and also the one that experience our own creation. That means in every moment we can choose to create a new and a better beautiful is that!

Here’s to the Creator in you and in me and in all of’s to exploring “Who Am I?” for the rest of our lives. The Universe wants us to have fun so let’s play along!

Ratnesh Varma

December 17, 2020

Dubai, U.A.E.

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