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The Science of Spirituality

How many of you have experienced this scenario? You meet someone and they ask about your religious views. And, as soon as you identify yourself as being spiritual, you maybe judged for either not being religious (lacking in your faith), or someone who negates scientific achievement of our times.This is unfortunate, as all three have their place in our world as we know it.

It is often said that religion begins where science ends. However, this is in fact, is not true. Oftentimes its the other way round. Science is in fact, often inspired by religion in its quest to explain the origins of our Universe. While religion approaches the questions of the Universe from a theological point-of-view, science does the same but, by using a mathematical, empirical and experimental approach. Both lay down some ground rules to help the human mind grasp concepts, which may otherwise be difficult to understand, considering the limited logical and factual faculties that an average human mind is bestowed with or is rather consciously aware of and using.

But, it is when we are willing to go beyond, the traditional religious and the scientific boundaries, to explore the invisible, intangible, and the 'un-manifested' Universe, it is then that we are opening ourselves to experience the true essence of the Universe. And surprisingly, in doing so we often discover newer depths of meaning to our ancient religious texts, as also become aware of newer scientific dimensions to explore and conquer.

The Science of Spirituality is as obvious as our hearts and minds are open - open to wonder, open to question, open to trust and most of all, open to give and receive Unconditional Love Energy, as that's all we ever were or ever will be.

Till next time...stay healthy and stay blessed.

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