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Heal Yourself to Heal the World

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

What comes to your mind when someone says healing? If you are reading this, then probably you are beginning to perceive healing in the way it's really meant to be understood. This is very different from the general perception of post-diagnosis treatment in conventional medicine, which nevertheless has its rightful place in the modern scientific diagnostic landscape.

Healing in its purest form is simply Awareness and Remembrance.

Awareness of our perpetual connection to the Creator, God, Universe, Supreme Intelligence...whatever you may want to call it.

Remembrance of what we have always known but have forgotten in our current physical incarnation, being in this 3D reality, but that which our Soul has always remembered across its journey through innumerable transformations and transmutations across eons; that at the Pure Consciousness level, we are all forever connected to each other as one and not separate as we oftentimes tend to believe in our human existence.

Many Awakened Masters and Spiritual Teachers have pointed out, that right now, the Universal Human Consciousness is being lifted uplifted through our interconnected Higher Selves like never before, at least not in the last 2000 years or so.

As more and more of humanity is awakened to their true-self, we are beginning to remember that we have the power to heal ourselves, and through our interconnection, the power to heal the world. This is a healing from the inside-out, wherein the symptoms are sometimes diagnosed before they manifest in the physical body - at the level of thought even! This is true proactive healing, as it was always meant to be, but which somehow got lost down the ages. Now with this renewed awareness and remembrance we are finally beginning to rediscover the power of our own intentions, and through that knowledge, we can all be healers in our own way - remember you are not just one person, you are in fact One Consciousness.

Till next time...stay healthy and stay blessed.

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